Lee Burghard

My love for the underwater world began after my first dive back in 2008. I was overwhelmed by the beauty I'd found in our oceans and searched for a way to capture it. The moments I’d had during my time underwater were often hard to put into words, but with a camera in my hands that changed. I'd found a way to capture those moments and share them with others. With this discovery, my new found passion for videography and photography was born.

Since 2009, I have dedicated myself towards perfecting my skills and learning as much about this art as possible. My willingness to learn and drive to excel within this field has brought me to where I am today.

I am an award winning filmmaker and proud co-owner of Wild Shutter Imaging. I specialize in capturing video from challenging environments, whether they are miles into the wilderness, or hundreds of feet below the surface. My opinion is that this type of profession is all about continued growth and creativity. I’m always pushing myself to try something new, unique, and different with my work. I look at every new project and challenge as an opportunity to further enhance my skills.

My hope is that my work will inspire people to see the beauty of our natural world, and why we must strive to protect it.