DP-100 - 100mm (4") Optical Glass Dome Port

Model: DP-100

Following the success of the amazing Zen Underwater 200mm Optical Glass Dome Port, Zen Underwater is proud to offer the DP-100 Optical Glass Dome Port for fisheye lenses.

For close-focus wide angle work, Zen Underwater is turning conventional 'big dome' wisdom on its ear with a new 100mm (4") dome port for Subal, Nauticam and Sea & Sea housings.Designed specifically for the Nikon DX AF Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G ED and the Tokina Fisheye 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 DX zoom, the DP-100 allows the photographer to get in close where a large dome just won't go for stunning close focus wide angle images.

As an added bonus, at only 340g (12oz.), the DP-100 offers welcome relief to the luggage bloat of dive photo travel and the ever increasing expense associated with checking large heavy camera systems.

The DP-100 is currently available in mounts for Nauticam, Subal, Sea & Sea, Ikelite, Hugyfot and Aquatica,. Other mounts are under consideration.

Zen Underwater DP-100 Optical Glass Dome Port on Subal
Zen Underwater DP-100 Optical Glass Dome Port

Compatibility Guide

8-15mm FE
15mm FE
10.5mm FE
10-17mm FE
Aquatica DP-100-ACR * DP-100-AN DP-100-AT
Hugyfot DP-100-HCR * DP-100-HN DP-100-HT
Ikelite ** ** ** DP-100-IT
Nauticam DP-100-NCR * DP-100-NN DP-100-NT
Sea & Sea NX DP-100-SCR * DP-100-SN DP-100-ST
Sea & Sea RDX * ** ** DP-100-SN1
Subal 3rd Gen. DP-100-S34,6 DP-100-S3 DP-100-S3 DP-100-S32
Subal 4th Gen. DP-100-S45,6,7 DP-100-S47 DP-100-S47 DP-100-S43,7

* Pending
** Not planned at this time

1 Requires Sea & Sea RDX Port Base L (p/n: 30109) - possible slight vignette at 10mm
2 Requires Extension Ring EXR-13/3
3 Requires Extension Ring EXR-13/4
4 Requires Extension Ring EXR-28/3
5 Requires Extension Ring EXR-28/4
6 15mm only on full frame cameras
7 Can not be mounted directly to D4, D800, D600, D7000 or D7100 Subal housings, but can be used with extension ring.

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